The advantage of using us as your travel agent

The advantage of using us as your travel agentWe are an office bound travel agent that can assist you to achieve your desired and most memorable vacation.

The advantage of us being your travel agent, is that we invest in our clients’ happiness and satisfaction, acting on your behalf and making sure every trip is packed full of positive and lifelong memories (from your booking made until the end of your dream vacation).

We are more authoritative toward safari operators with client requests than an actual client (should there be any complaint or special arrangement), as we book various clients at the operators, these businesses take note more toward our requests than a single client. In this way, we ensure that each booked guest of ours get the proper attention they need.

Everything that we mention in our quotes, confirmation as well as our final travel voucher, is exactly what you will get on safari.

Specializing in our destinations, you will pay us exactly the same, as you would pay directly at the operator.

For peace of mind and expert guidance, we are almost like lawyers who represent you.  We communicate all your detail and needs to the operator and get written feedback that your booking has been arranged, to ensure you get what you paid for.  Our internal work method is of the highest standard and we continue to present this standard, even after clients finish their travels.

To add value to our safari experience, as mentioned above, we can then act on your behalf, should the operator/s not provide you with whatever you have arranged with us to book for you, making your trip pleasant and stress-free.

The operators we make use of are all established names and have been in business for a very long time.

We do ensure that you will be hosted by SATSA accredited businesses, with experienced wildlife game rangers, insurance and various contingencies in place should there be any issue (such as a vehicle breaking down).  For example, the operators we make use of (in most cases) have offices in Johannesburg and Kruger as well as various back-up vehicles.

The group of people who are on safari with you, are divided into smaller groups, so that each client gets the attention that is needed.

As life is busier and more demanding than ever, we always have someone on standby for bookings as we work office hours only, however you are welcome to email at any time and we will assist as needed after hours. Kruger Park Tours will always be available for assistance, as quickly as possible.

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