Are open vehicle game drives really safe?

When going on a African safari, have you ever considered your safety and going on a open game drive vehicle?  a Game drive in a open game drive vehicle in Kruger Park is a thrilling experience, providing you the chance to get up close and personal with predators and the Big Five.

You have to remember that these animals are wild and this is a wildlife experience, which means that they follow their instincts and that you are entering their environment.

Would you not say that it’s better to drive yourself or be chauffeured in a closed vehicle?

What I can however say, is that a trained guide helps you to get the best views of animals, so you can take great pictures, keeping your safety in mind while showing you animals on a open vehicle game drive.  Driving yourself definitely does not, as you can see in the video, where the driver was taking footage.  When driving yourself on a Kruger safari sometimes leads to dangerous situations, because you do not have a guide who tracks the animal’s movements, while you are taking great photos or videos of African wildlife.

Open game drive vehicles will provide you a mind blowing memory, when you get the actual outdoors experience and sound of wild animals moving around you.  Closed vehicles can also have experienced guides driving them, although you will not experience the sound, smells and vantage point a open vehicle provides, you will be safer when you have noisy small children.

Sometimes wild animals can unexpectedly charge and remember this is only part of their instincts.  For your own safety when encountering wild animals you need to respect their space and environment.