Things you can buy on an African Safari

Did you know that these arts and crafts is a traditional and cultural African footprint.  On your African safari you will also find that they are made from different materials, such as:  Wood, clay, wire, beads, plastic bags, bottle caps, food tins and many more.  The community’s hard work and many hours ensure that the African culture as well as South Africa’s true miracles live through generations.

On your African safari you will be stunned by our beautiful and artistic creations.  Do yourself a favor to explore these wonderful stalls with a broad selection of gifts and souvenirs.  South Africa is well-known for it’s arts and crafts, handmade by our local African community.

Would you consider a shopping spree on your African safari?

It is definitely possible while on your African safari as you do not only get to experience wildlife and nature but also be able to see a more cultural, traditional side such as arts and crafts.  Things you can buy consist of animal sculptures such as the Big 5, jewelry, carpets, bowls, bags and many more.  When browsing you will also find that each item tells a different story.  More exciting, these items are available at a very affordable price taking the time and effort of such fine art in consideration.

On route you will find these at most tourist attractions, various gift shops as well as stalls next to the road.  Every item you buy will most definitely be value for money as it is a memory you will cherish for life.  Kruger Park Tours will provide you this wonderful opportunity and experience as part of your African Safari, which you will find on route to most of our sightings.