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Small Five in the Kruger National Park

When on Safari also look out for the Small 5. The term Small 5 or Little 5 came into being, after nature conservationists requested visitors to also acknowledge the smaller, less noticed, but still astonishing, animals of the African Wildlife in South Africa. Each of these species size is in major contrast to the Big […]

Entrance Gates of the Kruger National Park

Entrance Gates of the Kruger National Park The following are the list of entrance gates of the Kruger National Park: Berg-en-Dal Crokodile Bridge Letaba Lower Sabi Mopani Olifants Orpen Pretoriuskop Punda Maria Satara Shingwedzi Skukuza Gus Adendorff writes in his book “Wild Company”, which was published in 1984, that he was a ranger in the […]

Elephant, one of the Big 5

African Elephants are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), while the Asian Elephant is classed as endangered. When on Safari in South Africa or the Kruger National Park, tourists will be awed by these majestic animals, which is one of the Big 5. Widely recognized as the most impressive […]

Zebra Most Popular to People

According to NationalGeographic.Com, there are two species of Zebra in Southern Africa, the Plains (or Burchelli’s) Zebra and the Mountain Zebra. Visitors on Safari in South Africa will find the latter, yet, there are three species throughout Africa. As the names suggest they occur in vastly differing habitats, although they are known to occur together […]