Kruger National Park is under threat of Rhino poaching.
Respect Animals well driving through Kruger National Par
Malaria / Yellow fever low risk in Kruger National Park
Safari Needs
Luxury Lodge Safari
Comparing a Luxury Lodge and Tree-house
Chimp Eden
Line-up at Kruger National Park

Small Five in the Kruger National Park

When on Safari also look out for the Small 5. The term…
Rhino in Kruger National Park
Cat Eyes in the African Wild

The Eyes of the Leopard and Lion

The Eyes of the Leopard and Lion The Leopard and Lion are…
Elephant Artwork by Amareza Buys

Elephant, one of the Big 5

African Elephants are listed as vulnerable by the International…

Leopard one of the Big 5

The South African Leopards (Panthera Pardus) exhibit an astonishing…
Big 5 Attraction

Big 5 Attraction and Conservation

The big five are among the most dangerous and was the most popular…
Visit South Africa

Visit South Africa

According to South African Tourism Head Office as on their site,…