One of the biggest concerns for Sanparks is the river systems due to water quality and levels. People are however actively involved to restrict water usage (for example irrigation). Some animals do better such as predators do better in these conditions. As explained in the video, the buffalo population in the Kruger National Park halved in the previous drought but picked up to 40 000 afterwards.

We see the natural cycles of seasons having benefits to control animal populations in the Kruger Park. Sanpark times however ask a few valid questions regarding the possible effect of drought and what aught to be done.

  • We ask the difficult question of what will the effect be on rare antelopes such as roans, sables, reedbucks and tsessebes, all of who’s numbers decreased significantly in the previous droughts?
  • The biomass of Kruger Herbivores increased significantly due to man-made dams, will there be an ecological correction?
  • Will dams outside Kruger National Park face even larger Human populations?

Not much has been done regarding the situation to let nature take its course. Please tell us what you think should be done?