Ebola is in the far west corner of Africa, not in South Africa

Ebola is in Africa, but not in South AfricaMany tourists question if Ebola is a problem in South Africa. This blog will ease your mind. Ebola is in the far west corner of Africa, not in South Africa. You will be safe from this virus if you come to South Africa for a safari, you will not get it here.

There has not been recorded cases of Ebola in South Africa in 22 years. There is no reason to fear Ebola in South Africa, seeing that Ebola is a problem in countries high up in Africa. All the countries that are infected with the Ebola are   5,691 km  away form South Africa. There is really a slim chance that South Africa will have this problem if we have noted an Ebola outbreak in the last 22 years.

The chances of getting this virus is just the same as getting it in the United Sates. South-Africans take things like this virus very seriously and will try to protect our country from this virus. Governments around the world are working hard to find a cure for this problem and there will be one very soon.

People who are infected are kept in safe health facilities that are controlled by doctors and security in the African countries the outbreaks occur in. The counties that have this problem have said that they have finally gotten the virus under control. Enjoy your African Safari without a worry that you will get infected. Our wildlife is really something to behold, do not miss the opportunity to see them because you fear something that is not a problem in South Africa. Book your safari now to see what wonderful things South Africa has to offer!

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