How to self-drive in Kruger National Park

Self-drive in Kruger National Park

Rather book a guided tour and avoid the stress of self-driving!

– Keep your windows closed while driving through the park, you can open them to take photos or videos. It is just best to keep your windows closed for example when there are monkeys, they are very clever and notice when you eat and will try to grab food. Inside the rest camp your hosts will also mention that you need to keep your tents closed at all times for animals.

– Also with reference to keeping your car windows closed, the animals are wild, so you are not allowed to have your arms hanging out of your car windows as this is risky around predators in the Park. You can however open windows, but preferably only a small gap or halfway when stopping at predators or monkeys.

– Also note that when entering the Kruger National Park gate, they do sometimes search your car, as you are not allowed to take in any alcohol. Rangers at the gate will also search your boot to prevent poaching, just to ensure everyone follows the rules. These rangers will however not go through any luggage as they just open the boot and quickly check. You will be able to buy alcoholic drinks at the camp shop.

– Do not get out of your car or open doors when viewing wildlife while driving through the park. You are only allowed to get out at the gates (check in or out), day visitors areas as well as rest camps as these are the safe areas to move around. It is forbidden to get out of your vehicle while driving inside the Park.

– The speed limit inside the park is only 50km/h on tar roads and 40km/h and there are actually speed traps as it is taken very seriously to speed, due to wild animals freely roaming around and they walk over the roads unexpectedly.

– Remember wildlife always have the right of way inside the Park as it is their habitat, so always give them advantage when having a close encounter with them.

PLEASE NOTE: With animals such as Elephants, Giraffes, Buffalo and Rhinos (big animals) ensure that your car is backed up to give them enough space to pass through. When you are surrounded by a group stay until you have space to either move forward or should they pass in front of you, then slowly back up. Do not freeze with large game approaching the vehicle. Please also do not panic when they pass your vehicle. I would recommend you rather stay still and wait until the animal/s passed through then you can continue.

– Lastly also best to keep quiet when approaching wildlife.

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