International Plug Converters on an African Safari to charge Cameras and Cell Phones

Having the correct international plug converters to charge camera batteries and cell phones on an African Safari is very important.

You do not want to be stuck with a camera that is flat (and being unable to capture that perfect photo) or be in a foreign country without any contact with your family, due to a flat cell phone battery. No safari company will take responsibility for this, as it is not something they generally consider.

The guide may assist with their personal camera, however this is not guaranteed and you may be with a group on game drive.

It is your own responsibility to make sure you can take care of and charge your equipment in the standard build-in electric plug ports of the accommodations. Some luxury lodges however have both South African (or the relative African countries’) as well as European plug ports in the rooms / suites, however you need to plan ahead and consider that there may not be international plug converters for sale at the lodge or resort.

Safari locations are remotely located and the curio shops only cater for souvenirs and light snacks and sweets mostly.

In South Africa for example we use the 220 V three point round plug-end type plug ports for our electric sockets, in Zimbabwe they use plugs that look the same as the South African ones, however it is a bit smaller.

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