Jacob Zuma resigned and it provides a better outlook for South Africa

Jacob Zuma resigned

Jacob Zuma resigned, and this has been expected, due to controversy ranging form his relationship with the Gupta family, dropped charges of corruption and so on. Zuma broke his silence about his resignation on Wednesday 14 February 2018. Jacob Zuma resigned, which was much-anticipated, coming after the highest decision-making body the NEC (national executive committee) had a meeting. The ANC called an urgent meeting following president Cyril Ramaphosa’s direct talk with Jacob Zuma. Jacob Zuma has led speculation of state capture and economic crisis. Since Jacob Zuma resigned, Cyril Ramaphosa has stepped up as president of South-Africa. The ex-president will still retain a lot of presidential benefits since Jacob Zuma resigned. Yet Zuma’s future is still in the hand of the ANC.

South Africa is looking at a bright future as we are leaded by Cyril Ramaphosa (born 17 November 1952). He is a South African politician and the fifth and current President of South Africa, having taken office following a vote of the National Assembly on 15 February 2018. Previously an anti-apartheid activist, trade union leader, and businessman, he served as the Deputy President of South Africa from 2014 to 2018.

South-Africa has had its fair share of pollical ups and downs, yet we have always survived. We are a rainbow nation with so many thigs to offer and now the country has a president from which we can only expect only the best (unlike Jacob Zuma). You will find things that are home to South-Africa and has a special place in every South-African’s heart for example enjoying a glass of Amarula or watching the African sunset. There are different tours you can go on through South-Africa and discover a different part of Africa, from enjoying a game drive in the Kruger Park or visiting the Garden Route. There is no other place like South-Africa!