Book your Kruger Park Safari packages, before booking flights

Book your Kruger Park Safari package before booking a flightKruger Park Safari Packages need to be available for your travel dates before booking a flight. To avoid disappointment, make sure to get an early flight on the day you arrive, should you start the safari that same day.

Furthermore, if the time of the flight does not work out for you to be in time for the shuttle, you will unfortunately miss it. You will then have to spend extra money to travel to the accommodation by means of a specially arranged private transfer.

Flight check-in / out also can take up to 3 hours, so be sure to allow for enough time for pick-up, to be in time for shuttle departure. Pick-up times and locations vary between different Kruger Park safaris. On the day you fly out of Johannesburg (should it be the same day the safari ends), we suggest to book your flight later that evening.  Arrival back in Johannesburg is only between 17h00 and 18h00pm approximately. Please confirm with your consultant. The last day of your safari still has a morning activity (in most cases).

Please take note as well that The Kruger National Park has specific operating hours, meaning, if your flight land too late you will not be able to enter the Kruger Park. This is due to the fact that it is quite a drive from Johannesburg to the Kruger Park.

Our best suggestion is to overnight in Johannesburg, as most Kruger Park safaris can pick-up at your accommodation in selected areas in Johannesburg. Most accommodations in Johannesburg can arrange transfers from and to OR Tambo any time during the day. Also confirm if the accommodations match the shuttle selected locations for pick-up with your consultant.

Make sure with your consultant if your planning matches with what is possible.

In conclusion, first secure your Kruger Park safari package before booking international or local flights. Logistics will always depend on the safari package you book as well as which area it is accommodated in Kruger.

You must allow at least two hours for flight check-in and check-out for domestic flights and a suggested three hours for international flights (although it may also take only two hours or less, depending on the day). Please make use of the cost and information to book flights (taking in regard the check-in and check-out times of flights) to be in time for the scheduled shuttles and times.


If schedules do not match your planning, we can arrange for special transfers at an additional charge, but due to timing we will advise if you may miss activities or not.

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