Kruger Park Tours is a Green Company

Kruger Park Tours is a Green CompanyKruger Park Tours is a GREEN company. We are trying to have a huge impact on the environment and our natural resources, by going GREEN. It has been alleged, that it takes a human only 3 weeks to form a habit, however one major concern about daily human habits is how it is slowly destroying the environment.

As humans we can start by conserving water. An estimated 50% of all household water usage is wasted. It goes down the drain dirty, while we wait for it to warm up or evaporates more quickly than it needs to. In an era when our fresh water supply is diminishing due to pollution and drought, it is important to conserve all the water that we can. Kruger Park Tours puts grey water recycling practices to use, such as dish water flowing out on the grass.

Nearly 30 billion plastic water bottles are sold annually. At Kruger Park Tours we recycle our own plastic bottles and reuse them. We also save resources by drinking from a home filtration system with a reusable water bottle.

We at Kruger Park Tours reduce the amount of waste we bring in and the amount of trash that goes to the landfill, because it is an important part of any GREEN lifestyle. For example: Kruger Park Tours uses a 2 litre bottle to put in small paper and plastic till it is full, and then we throw the filled bottles away. You will be amazed how much money we save on garbage bags!

Kruger Park Tours also recycles paper. We do not make use of printed paper because we do most of our work online. Our carbon footprint is therefore very low.

From driving to brushing teeth to wasting paper, food or water, each of our habit is affecting the environment in some or the other way.

So in conclusion, Kruger Park tours, suggest by going GREEN, that we need to make small changes in our daily lifestyle to reduce our carbon impact on the environment.

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