Leopard one of the Big 5

A Painting in Mixed Media by Amareza Buys

A Painting in Mixed Media by Amareza Buys

The South African Leopards (Panthera Pardus) exhibit an astonishing variation in coat colors. The coat varies from pale yellow to deep gold and sometimes black. Male leopards are larger, averaging from 60 kg to 91 kg, while the females weigh about 35 to 40 kg.

Sunset and sunrise are the preferred time to kill prey. In Kruger National Park, male leopards and female leopards with cubs are more active at night as compared with solitary females. The known prey of leopards ranges from dung beetles to adult elands of up to 900 kg. At least 92 prey species have been documented in their diet including rodents, birds, small and large antelopes, hyraxes and hares, and arthropods. like to stalk close and run a relatively short distance after their prey. They kill through suffocation by grabbing their prey by the throat and biting down with their powerful jaws. They rarely fight other predators for their food. Leopards often take large kills into a tree. Most notable, is that for this activity great strength is required.


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