Luggage requirements for your Kruger safari.

Luggage Requirements for Kruger safariWe encourage our guests to pack light and take minimal luggage. We have space for one suitcase, a backpack and laptop bag (hand luggage). The baggage limit is 68cm (26in) by 45cm (18in) and the carry limited is 48cm (19in) by 32cm (18in). There are no general porters or staff to assist you to carry your travel bags.

Your Luggage should be the size and weight that you can comfortably manage by yourself. Hard or soft suitcases are fine. If you have bigger suitcases, then please contact us in advance for alternative arrangements. The luggage trailer is designed for one suitcase per person, not exceeding the above dimensions.

Recommended luggage to pack for your tour:

  • Passport – guests must have passports with them while traveling in South Africa.
  • Toiletries (Most hotels/guesthouses do not provide shampoo just small soaps).
  • Personal medication – if you are prone to car sickness, bring medication with you. Hay fever sufferers also need to take their antihistamine.
  • A Day bag – that you can take with you on excursions and keep all your valuables in during the game drive is advised.
  • Water bottle – please help us to use less plastic by not buying plastic water bottles daily, rather refill your own water bottle at the safari.
  • Bath and swim towel (most, but not all accommodations do provide bath towels).
  • Comfortable walking shoes/trainers (no hiking boots needed). If you like you can wear some leather boots, as there might be long grass on walking safaris.
  • A sweater, long-sleeve jacket or hoodie (evenings can get cool, even during summer).
  • Rain jacket or emergency poncho when you get light wet splatter from the side of the open-sided safari vehicle in rain during game drive.
  • Gloves, jacket and beanie for early morning game drives (it can get VERY cold on early morning game drives in winter).
  • Sunscreen and brimmed hat.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Camera or smart phone for photos.
  • Cash for some drinks and meals, shopping and optional activities. We recommend that you start the tour with about R2000 per person and get more cash if necessary along the way.
Size Height Weight Comments
Large 76 cm / 30 inches 48 cm / 19 inches Too big
Medium 67 cm / 26 inches 45 cm / 18 inches Acceptable size
Compact 63 cm / 25 inches 36 cm / 14 inches Preferred size
Cabin (In-bus bag) 48 cm / 19 inches 32 cm / 13 inches We recommend a small backpack that you can take along on day excursions

Your will not require the following:

  • High heels.
  • Suit & tie or evening dresses.
  • Hiking boots (trainers or trail shoes are fine for the hikes on our tours).
  • Hiking poles (you will not climb Kilimanjaro on our tours, only casual hikes).
  • Foreign currency, cheque book or travelers’ cheques – this is now 2018/19, you can use an ATM, no need to pay high commissions to exchange foreign currencies or travelers’ cheques. Foreign personal cheques will not be accepted in South Africa.
  • Laptop – You are on holiday, relax leave your work at home! If you must bring a laptop, take very good care of it, put it in a protective pouch or bag, and plan to carry it with you or hide it in your room somewhere – this is a high value item which can easily be stolen.

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