TAKING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL ON SAFARITo ensure a safe and joyful trip through our National Parks, kindly adhere to the rules and regulations under SANParks (South African National Parks Authority).

The consumption of alcohol in public areas of The Kruger National Park, is allowed.

Guests on Safari can buy their own drinks (liquor) in the Rest Camps inside the Kruger National Park, for they do have general shops (these shops sell all basic necessities as well as alcoholic beverages). Guests can enjoy their drinks in the privacy of their booked accommodation.  If your Safari is accommodated inside one of the Kruger National Parks Rest Camps, you can bring your own drinks to the dining area of the provider hosting your Safari. Please note, should you sit down to have a meal at the Rest Camp Restaurants, you have to buy the alcohol at the restaurant directly.

SANParks however do not allow guests to bring their own drinks (alcohol) when entering the Kruger National Park, meaning it can only be purchased at the Rest Camp Shops during your visit, as mentioned above.

Restaurants and accommodations which run a bar/sell alcoholic beverages, do own liquor licences, which do not allow guests to bring their own alcohol into these establishments.

For example, The Greater Kruger Game Reserves (located outside/around the Kruger National Park) do not allow guests to bring their own drinks for they own liquor licences.  Under the regulation governing a liquor licence, these providers are not allowed to let you take your own liquor to these privately owned establishments.

How much the soft drinks and alcohol cost.

South African Beer Glass of Wine Bottle of Wine (Soft Drink) (1-liter Soft Drink Bottle) 500 ml Soft Drink Bottle liquor per tot
20 ZAR 20 ZAR 120 ZAR 15 ZAR 20 ZAR 15 ZAR 15 ZAR

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