Respect Animals while driving through Kruger National Park

Respect Animals well driving through Kruger National ParRespect  animals when you are driving in the Kruger National Park and keep to the speed limit, because you could accidentally drive over a small creature that you did not see and kill it. So, drive carefully in Kruger National Park and respect every animal. Let all animals cross the road before you drive.

Please do not throw garbage out of your car, seeing that the animals will try to eat it, the garbage will get stuck in their throat and could end up killing them. Keep your arms in your car at all times when driving through the Park. When you do stop for lunch or for any other reason, at any of the visitors areas, do ensure that your car’s windows are closed so that monkeys do not enter your car.

Rangers at the gate will also search your boot to prevent poaching, just to ensure everyone follows the rules. You may for example not take tortoises from the park. You will however be able to buy alcoholic drinks at the camp shop.

Do by no means get out of your car or open doors when viewing wildlife while driving through the park. You are only allowed to get out at the gates (check in or out), day visitors areas as well as rest camps, as these are the safe areas to move around. It is forbidden to get out of your vehicle while driving inside the Park. Please also stick to main roads.

PLEASE NOTE: With animals such as Elephants, Giraffes, Buffalo and Rhinos (big animals), ensure that your car is backed up to give them enough space to pass through. This a good way to respect the animals.

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