Despite recent protests, South Africa still has it all!

south africa has it allThere was a travel warning issued abroad last week, however caring South Africa still welcomes you with arms wide open!

Our staff will always be updated about the latest news in South Africa, to know which routes to avoid (where there is protest action like there was recently in the Kruger region). You will still be able to enjoy all the different locations you want to see safely, as there are different routes to take.

Safari destinations are safe and remotely located (far apart from each other).

With our massive cultural, geographical and biological diversity, South Africa is home to the most exquisite sites, many that has to be seen on a booked safari to sunny South Africa. With landscape monuments as far as the eye can see, waterfalls and interesting cultural sightings (while on your memorable trip), our heritage is a must see.

Because South Africa is made up by many diverse cultures and religions, it is famously been called the rainbow nation. This can be seen during your safari trip to the Kruger National Park, with locals showing off their creative talents with handmade pottery, painted cloths and weaved baskets on route to the Kruger National Park.

Reaching your destination, friendly staff awaits you, caring for your every need and no question too difficult to answer when it comes to our wildlife. On some safaris, evenings are tuned in with the traditional singing of locals in their African tongue while dinning out under the African sky (a true South African experience).

After a late night game drive, in most cases, you could be sharing in a “braai” or alternative traditional meal that ends off your evening. See wildlife in action after being lazy under the warm African sun, being on the lookout is energizing.

Kruger Park Tours would like to invite you to come and see the splendor and natural beauty of the Kruger National Park with our famous big five, different species of wild birds and insects.

An African Safari in Kruger Park is a truly memorizing adventure!

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