Tipping guidelines on an African Safari.

Tipping guidelines on African Safari

Tips on an African Safari

The African Safari hosts, rangers and trackers are not expected to get tips. When someone gives it out of their own good will, they are grateful as well as find it as a complement if they are tipped. These workers usually get salaries, therefore there is no need for tips. However, the standard acceptable tip for the rangers are R200 – R300.

Supported currencies

When you are visiting South Africa, we recommend that you tip in South African Rand. Foreign currencies are not accepted at shops in our country. You will need your ID, a letter or thank you card from the person that gave you the money and their contact details to exchange foreign currency.

Tips in African Safari restaurants and bars works differently

Tips at restaurants are usually between 10% and 20% of the price showed on the bill. The staff rely heavily on tips, because they only work for a small basic salary and tips.

So to conclude, staff working at African Safari companies do not really need tips. They get acceptable pay, however are very grateful for the tips you give as an international visitor.

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